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Who else wants 


 studio portraits

of their grandkids?

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Grandchild Candid vs Studio Portraits, Which Are Better on Your Wall

Parents are relying on pictures of their kids taken on their cell phones more and more.   These candid photos are not the same as the portraits you use to get of your kids in the studio.  Candid photos are nice to have but they don’t have the professional look, the quality of physical prints and the timelessness of traditional portraits that you use to get for that 8X10 on your wall.  Sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands and have it done yourself.

5 things you get with a in studio session of your grandkids.

I know you have had that bad experience with a photographer that does it all from families to weddings to pets and babies and don’t forget an occasional real estate job new and then. You quickly learned when they told you their style was “Lifestyle” they really mean "I can’t get good expressions from you kids so nobody look at the camera so nobody will notice”.   Some people like the interactive lifestyle look and that is okay, but in my experience a lot of people still secretly prefer the more formal traditional portrait that has been around for centuries.  This traditional formal look without looking stiff unrealistic is harder to achieve especially with children.   I work exclusively with kids and have the know how to work with them to get this look. 

Minnesota’s weather is umm, shall we say, unpredictable?  It is getting hard to find a photographer that will still do in studio sessions, most want to cut costs and do sessions outside.  Outside is great on the 3 days a year that the weather is perfect, not wind and the right amount of clouds in the sky. I use a studio so I can have full control of the environment for the session no matter what the weather is outside. That means you don't have to worry about getting rained out or freezing!  I do not own my own studio space but there are several spaces in the area that I can rent for your session to get just the space and location that works the best for you.  The space may not be mine but the equipment is so I know I can get consistent results no matter where I am working.

The kids grow and change so quickly, and the photograph is outdated again!  There is nothing like having a physical print on the wall of each of the kids, most common for this is the 8X10 print.  Included in your session is 5 matted or mounted 8X10 prints beautifully displayed in keepsake box that can be out on display, so the prints don’t have to be framed and hung.  Other sizes and options are available such as framed wall portraits and high quality albums so you can get just what you need to remember the kids as they grow.

You watch your grandchild play and see her big, exited smile beam across her face.  Do you know the one I am talking about?  Of course, you have seen it a thousand times and it gives you that wonderful feeling joy and pride every time you see it.  How do we get that in the studio during a photo session?  It takes interaction and play. I want to get to know their personalities, likes and dislikes, what makes them laugh and what will get them talking. They also need time to get to know me so they will relax and have fun.  This play time at the beginning before I even pick up a camera is necessary for us to get to know each other and helps make it fun and get good real expressions

Love showing off the grandkid on the phone?  Everyone does, the phone has become the new wallet for pictures.  It is convenient and can hold a lot more than you could carry in your wallet in the past.  A lot of people with full intent to have pictures printed themselves at a discount printer never get around to it so those digital images that you pay hundreds of dollars are used simple as the new wallet size prints. Why pay hundreds of dollars to have them on the phone?   I include digital pictures for your phone or social media at no extra cost! I call them your digital wallet pictures.

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The package!

  • 1 hour in studio Session ($500 session)

  • Great expressions (I work exclusively with kids)

  • 5 8X10 folio box ($350 value)

  • Pre session design consultation.

  • Digital images for phone and social media ($200 value)

  • Same day proofing

  • Up to 3 kids included ($100 value - $50 each additional child)


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