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Family portraits that stand the test of time

Your family portraits that are hanging on your walls are looking old and outdated. That ruffled dress you were wearing. . . what were you thinking? You would not be seen in public wearing it this year. The character on your daughters’ bag is so first grade, she would never admit to watching that show now that she is in second grade. It’s time for new family pictures and the old one is only a year old. How do you plan ahead to have portraits taken that can be enjoyed for generations?

Here are some tips for creating timeless family portraits that can be enjoyed any time of year for years to come.

Classic Apparel

The clothes you choose have a lot to do with how quickly the portraits go out of date. When picking out what your family should wear, consider classic items that have stood the test of time. Here are some examples that looked good last year, look good today, and will still look good five years from now.

Colors - go neutral. Brown, tan, white, or black. Neutral colors work any year, any season, and in any room. You can also go with primary or secondary colors, shades of blue or green will look good, but stay away for trendy colors like fluorescents and pastels as they both go in and out of style quickly.

Patterns – some patterns are fine. Small polka dots, subdued florals and pinstripes look good year after year.

Mom – Stick with the classic styles. If you are going more formal, consider neutral colored slacks or knee-length pencil skirt with a button-down blouse, otherwise a black dress always looks good. If you are going for a more casual look, dark jeans with a boot or straight cut, or capris if it is warmer. A cardigan sweater or fitted short-sleeved t-shirt is always in for on top.

Dad – Dark denim jeans or khakis with a colored t-shirt or polo looks good, or if you are going formal a black, gray, or blue suit always makes a man look sharp.

The kids – Keep it simple. Keep it comfortable. If the kids don’t feel good, they won’t be happy. Avoid trendy kids’ clothes and avoid clothes with characters or other prints on them. Make sure they fit, we often buy clothes for our kids that are a little loose so they fit for more then two days, but when it comes to pictures make sure to have clothes that fit correctly so they don’t look sloppy or baggy.